Hi, I’m Laura

I’m a fun, sarcastic, and tenacious wellness and network-marketing professional who started my business with nothing more than a clearly defined passion for fitness and a desire to create more freedom in my life so that I would be able to stay home and raise my kids.

In my time in the health and wellness sector, I’ve helped my clients learn the ins and outs of network-marketing while building online and in-person communities of people committed to being successful. I’ve helped aspiring entrepreneurs secure the right mindset they need to make money online and even shared helpful parenting tips to help my clients find the balance they’ve always wanted. Each day is a new opportunity. And I can honestly say that I love what I do.

Through my work as a keynote speaker and lifestyle designer I wake up each day excited to be able to continue to help others truly make a difference in their lives. And the value my clients receive from my parenting tips, mindset training, and even my online <network marketing training> has been invaluable to everyone looking to change their lives.

After helping so many other men and women around the world, I know that armed with a little drive and passion, you can make the same kind of change I did.

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More About Laura

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Creating Opportunities

As a lifestyle designer, I help people achieve their goals with weight loss, energy balance, healthy aging, wealth creation and so much more. I love building online and in-person communities because in each one, we discuss everything from mindset and parenting, to teaching people how to start their own virtual businesses. Starting an online business as an active, full-time employee and parent is possible. And I’m here to show you how, every step of the way.

You can create your own wealth and build solid residual income.

And you can do so by challenging yourself, transforming the way you think, and creating your own happiness and success through health.


Expand Your Ideas – Change Your Mindset!

Together, we can get you started on a path that truly makes a positive impact on the lives of your family, your clients, and most importantly, yourself. But first—we’ll need to explore and change your mindset towards balance, life, and the seizure of opportunity.

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